• Love the durability of our mattes, but love the feel and comfort of a gloss?
    Wandersluster gloss gives a little extra moisture to matte lipsticks without compromising its durability.  Use more to amplify long lasting mattes into glossy color that doesn't fade or bleed.

  • For color gradation try layering a little dab of Demi on top of a Matte and voila you have the best of both!
    One of our favorite combos is Flounce on top of Slink - you can add just a little flounce in the center or fill completely.
  • If your lips are naturally on the drier side, use RePhresh before you get ready in the morning to prep your pout.  When you are all dolled up, wipe off the excess RePhresh and apply your favorite TL matte lipstick.

  • When applying any of our mattes, apply one thin layer at a time using a continuos sweeping motion from one side to the other.  Don't rub your applicator back and forth like you do with a gloss or press your lips together until dry.

  • Don't use lip balm or petroleum jelly on top of matte lipsticks, as it will break it down and make it patchy.